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              Shanghai Feilong Instrument Electric Co., Ltd
              Xie Manager:13671774687 China EngLish
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              technical standard

              Qualification certificate

              (1) Three guarantees for product quality
              The product warranty period is one year from the date of delivery. During the warranty period, our company will provide free repair, replacement and return services for the quality problems of the products. Replacement or return can be carried out in our factory or at the agency within 3 months with purchase invoice or receipt.
              1. If the general parts and components of the product are invalid and can be recovered after replacement, it shall be responsible for repairing them free of charge and on schedule;
              2. If the main parts and components of the product fail to be repaired on time, it shall be responsible for replacing the qualified products of the same model and specification;
              3. Any damage or damage caused during transportation can be returned.
              4. If the technical parameters, such as accuracy, temperature drift, anti-interference performance, reliability and so on, are not up to the data provided in the technical specification, they can be returned.
              5. If the performance drops in the middle of use, it can be returned to our quality inspection department. If it is a product quality problem after inspection, it can be returned.
              6. After purchase, if it is found that the product model ordered is not suitable for the site, it can be returned and replaced with other models. If the price is different, the other party shall pay our difference, and we will not pay the other party's difference. If the ordered product has been opened for use, only products of the same model can be replaced.
              7. If the main functions of the product do not meet the requirements of the enterprise standards and the contract due to the design, manufacturing and other reasons, and the customer requests to return the product, the defective product shall be recovered and the customer's payment shall be returned.

              (2) Scope of exemption
              During the warranty period, the product failure caused by the following man-made and force majeure factors is not within the scope of free maintenance, replacement and return service:
              1. The appearance deformation, damage and wrong connection of the instrument made by the user in use cause the internal circuit to burn out, but it has maintenance value.
              2. Other external accessories such as instrument shell, label and label have been damaged, damaged or obviously obsolete.
              3. The user repairs and refits the product in use.
              4. The user is unable to calibrate the instrument correctly during the annual routine calibration.
              5. Earthquake, flood, fire and other natural disasters cause product damage.
              6. Other human factors.

              National standard for t graduation copper nickel thermocouple
              S grade Platinum Rhodium 10 platinum thermocouple national standard
              B graduation platinum rhodium 30-platinum rhodium 6 thermocouple national standard
              R grade platinum rhodium 13 platinum thermocouple standard
              Standard for k-grade nickel chromium silicon thermocouple
              National standard for E-grade nichrome constantan thermocouple
              J grade iron constantan thermocouple national standard

              National standard for armored thermocouple
              National standard for compensating conductor for thermocouple
              National standard for tolerance of thermocouples
              Application principle of thermal resistance
              Graduation table of platinum thermistor
              Parameters of thermal resistance
              Compensation table of thermocouple
              Use of thermocouples
              Parameters of armored thermocouple
              Application principle of thermocouple
              Graduation table of thermocouple
              Principle of explosion proof thermocouple
              Parameters of thermocouple

              Professional Manufacturers
              It is a leading enterprise in the field of deform separation
              Immediate consultation
              Free consultation hotline:13671774687
              24-hour consultation hotline:
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