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              Shanghai Feilong Instrument Electric Co., Ltd
              Xie Manager:13671774687 China EngLish
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              Shanghai Feilong instrument & Electrical Co., Ltd. is one of the high-tech enterprises in Shanghai. The series of temperature control electronic products developed and produced jointly with many scientific research institutions and colleges in Shanghai sell well all over the country. The products include: WR series thermocouple, WZ series thermal resistance and various types of anti-corrosion thermocouple, explosion-proof thermocouple / thermal resistance, platinum rhodium thermocouple, K-type thermocouple, S-type thermocouple Wear resistant thermocouple, armored thermocouple, pressure spring thermocouple, end face thermocouple, integrated thermal resistance thermocouple Teflon, Teflon rod, Teflon plate, Teflon tube, Teflon gasket, PTFE and Teflon. Our products are famous in the market for their excellent performance, beautiful appearance, strong reliability and good cost performance, and win the trust of users. The company has passed ISO9001:2000 quality system certification. The company has first-class production line and testing means, and implements quality supervision in the whole process. The company has a strong technical development team and patent achievements, and is willing to undertake regular and special product business. Can design and install all kinds of large, medium and small automatic temperature control system for customers.

              The enterprise always believes in the tenet of "quality establishes the market, reputation competes for users, science and technology strives for development". Welcome new and old customers to buy!

              Dragon Spirit
              Persistently pursue to report to human beings for a bright future

              Dragon concept
              Strengthen quality management and build enterprise brand

              Dragon aim

              Customer first, credit first, sincere service

              Dragon policy
              Keep improving, strict requirements and continuous innovation

              Professional Manufacturers
              It is a leading enterprise in the field of deform separation
              Immediate consultation
              Free consultation hotline:13671774687
              24-hour consultation hotline:
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              General manager:Xie Manager   Mobile:13671774687  ADD:268 Qufu West Road, Shanghai    TEL:021-63811027      FAX:021-63801621      EMAIL:jimmy011@126.com
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