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            1. Shanghai Feilong Instrument Electric Co., Ltd
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              Simple thermistor / thermocouple, pin type thermocouple / thermistor, wrnk-191 thermocouple, wzpk-191 thermistor

              Product Name: simple thermal resistance / thermocouple, needle type thermocouple / thermal resistance, wrnk-191 thermocouple, wzpk-191 thermal resistance

              Product No.: 161140-653

              Product model: K, J, e

              Updated on: October 21, 2009

              Manufacturer: thermocouple, thermal resistance, bimetal thermometer, polytetrafluoroethylene, PTFE gasket -- Shanghai Feilong instrument and Electrical Co., Ltd


              Product details

              Simple thermocouple wrnk-191

              This kind of thermocouple is widely used. It can be used for temperature measurement in hot runner system and other objects, liquids and gases. It has the characteristics of accurate, rapid and convenient temperature measurement.

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