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              Wrnm-202 surface thermocouple (end thermocouple)

              Product Name: wrnm-202 surface thermocouple (end thermocouple)
              Product No.: 113647-874
              Product model: wrnm-202
              Updated on: July 1, 2009
              Manufacturer: thermocouple, thermal resistance, bimetal thermometer, polytetrafluoroethylene, PTFE gasket -- Shanghai Feilong instrument and Electrical Co., Ltd
              Customized: can be customized according to customer needs
              Product details
              Now the common thermocouple probes of wrnm series are introduced as follows: they are used together with SW-2 thermometer.

              1: Wrnm-201 straight handle roller surface thermocouple: it can be used to measure the surface temperature of rubber refiner, calender roller, corrugator roller and moving and rotating objects without stopping.
              2: Wrnm-206 injection thermocouple: measure the temperature measurement of rubber compound, tape, rubber plate, tire and insertable internal objects.
              3: Wrnm-102 pipe type surface thermocouple: measure the solid surface temperature of vulcanizer plate, hot press plate, mold surface and various heaters.
              4: Wrnm-202 straight handle surface thermocouple: suitable for static solid surface measurement. Such as: mold, glassware, mold; bearing, motor, pipe outer wall, boiler outer wall, machine tool, aluminum ingot, welding and other hot body surface temperature.
              5: Wrnm-205 sheet thermocouple: suitable for temperature measurement of various mechanical equipment and other slits. Wrnm-205 is 45mm in length, 1mm in thickness and 10mm in width.

              6: Wrnm-104 bar type thermocouple: suitable for liquid and gas measurement. Such as: water, oil, small hole, powder, flame, glass liquid, aluminum water, quenching liquid, copper liquid and various alloy melt, etc. Wrnm-104 is 3mm in shape, 200mm in length, 6mm in diameter and 400mm in length.
              7: Wrnm-209 range: 0-200 ℃, applicable to static solid surface temperature measurement
              8: Wrnm-203 pantograph thermocouple. Suitable for measuring the temperature of rollers, pipes, cylinders and curved surfaces. Special thermocouple for measuring high temperature surface.
              9: Wrnm-020 range: 0-1000 ℃, suitable for surface temperature measurement of various metal materials. The tested surface shall be free of rust, coating and good conductivity. For example, the surface temperature of aluminum, copper, steel and other materials, such as bar, tube, plate, foil and various profiles.

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