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              Wrnk-391-02 armored thermocouple

              Product Name: wrnk-391-02 armored thermocouple
              Product No.: 134838-792
              Product model: wrnk-391-02
              Updated on: July 1, 2009
              Manufacturer: thermocouple, thermal resistance, bimetal thermometer, polytetrafluoroethylene, PTFE gasket -- Shanghai Feilong instrument and Electrical Co., Ltd
              Customized: can be customized according to the needs of customers
              Product details
              Wrnk armored thermocouple   

              Model, division number and recommended temperature of armored thermocouples of different materials and diameters

              Electrode materials Model Graduation Shell material Shell diameter(mm) Recommended operating temperature ℃
              Maximum temperature for long-term use Maximum temperature for short-term use
              Nickel chromium -- nickel silicon  WRKK K GH3030 0.25; 300 600
              NiCr-NiSi (WRNK) 0.5;1.0 500
                  1.5;2.0;3.0 800 900
                  4.0;4.5;5.0 900 1000
                  6.0;8.0 1000 1100
                  1Cr18Ni9Ti 0.25; 300 600
                  0.5;1.0 400
                  1.5;2.0 600 700
                  3.0;4.0;4.5 800 900
              Nickel chromium silicon -- nickel silicon  WRNK N GH3030 0.25; 300 600
              NiCrSi-NiSi (WRMK) 0.5;1.0 500
                  1.5;2.0;3.0 800 900
                  4.0;4.5;5.0 900 1100
                  6.0;8.0 1000 1200
                  1Cr18Ni9Ti 0.25; 300 600
                  0.5;1.0 500
                  1.5;2.0 600 700
                  3.0;4.0;4.5 800 900
              Nickel chromium copper nickel  WREK E 1Cr18Ni9Ti 0.5;1.0 400 500
              NiCr-CuNi 1.5;2.0; 500 600
                3.0;4.0;4.5;5.0 600 700
                6.0;8.0 700 800
              鐵--銅鎳  WRJK J 1Cr18Ni9Ti 0.5;1.0 300 400
              Fe-CuNi (WRFK) 1.5;2.0; 400 500
                  3.0;4.0;4.5;5.0 500 600
                  6.0;8.0 600 750
              Copper nickel copper  WRTK T 1Cr18Ni9Ti 0.5;1.0 200 250
              Cu-CuNi (WRCK) 1.5;2.0;3.0;4.0 250 300
                  6.0;8.0 300 350
              Platinum Rhodium 10 -- platinum WRSK S GH3030 2.0; 1000 1050
              PtRh10-Pt (WRPK) 3.0;4.0;4.5 1100 1200
              Platinum rhodium 13 -- platinum  WRRK R GH3030 2.0; 1000 1100
              PtRh13-Pt (WRQK) 3.0;4.0;4.5 1100 1200
              Platinum rhodium 30 -- platinum rhodium 6 WRBK B GH3030 2.0; 1000 1050
              PtRh30-PtRh6 (WRRK) 3.0;4.0;4.5 1100 1200

              *The model marked in brackets in the column of model number is the method used in the past.

              ● temperature measurement range and accuracy of commonly used armored thermocouple (class II) on site

              GraduationTemperature measurement range (℃) Tolerance (reference end is 0 ℃)
              K、N -40~1100 ±2.5℃或±0.0075∣t∣
              E -40~800
              J -40~750
              T -40~350 ±1.0℃或±0.0075∣t∣
              Note: "t" refers to the temperature to be measured; in the two tolerance values given in the same column, whichever is the greater.

              ● When the temperature of armored thermocouple changes in a step, the time required for the output value of thermocouple to change to a specified percentage of the step change is called the thermal response time, which is expressed by τ (expressed by τ 0.5 when taking 50%).

              Thermal response time of armored thermocouple

              Thermal response time τ 0.5 (s)

              Casing diameter D (mm) Shell type (≤) Insulation type (≤)
              2 0.4 0.5
              3 0.6 1.2
              4 0.8 2.5
              5 1.2 4
              6 2 6
              8 4 8

              ● insulation resistance
              When the ambient air temperature is 20 ± 15 ℃ and the relative humidity is not more than 80%, the insulation resistance between the thermal pole and the outer sleeve of the insulated armored thermocouple shall meet the requirements of the following table:

              Diameter of armored couple D (mm) Test voltage DCV Insulation resistance m Ω· M
              0.25 50±5 ≥100
              0.5~1.5 50±5 ≥1000
              ﹥1.5 500±50 ≥1000

              Note: the insulation resistance is expressed in M Ω· m, that is, the normal temperature insulation resistance and armored couple
              Product of length.
              For example, 1000m Ω· m means that the insulation resistance of 1m long sample is
              1000m Ω, insulation resistance of 10m long sample is 100m Ω.
              For armour couple with length less than 1m, it is calculated as 1m.
              Socket type junction box and armored thermocouple with compensation wire are not included in this example.

              Basic structure of armored thermocouple
              Armored thermocouple is mainly composed of junction box, terminal and armored thermocouple elements, and equipped with various installation and fixing devices.

              ● installation and fixation type:
              The fixture is for the user to install. Armored thermocouple has five structural types: no fixed device, fixed ferrule type, movable ferrule type, fixed flange type and movable flange type. The fixed ferrule type is only for one-time fixed use, and the movable ferrule type can be used for multiple fixed uses.

              Ferrule thread (unit: mm)

              Size of ferrule thread joint

              Diameter of protection pipe >4 ≤4
              M16×1.5 M12×1.5
              22 19
              Ferrule flange (unit: mm)

              ● reference end type of armored thermocouple
              The junction box is used to connect the reference end of thermocouple and display instrument. There are simple type, splash proof type, waterproof type, explosion-proof type, small junction box type, plug-in type, compensation wire type and other structural types.
              Schematic (partial):

              Different combinations of armored thermocouples and ordering instructions
              The following gives the naming methods of several combinations of different fixed installation forms and different reference ends. By referring to these combinations, as well as the previous "model meaning" and "armored thermocouple example", you can easily name the thermocouple you need.
              The following figure also shows the thermocouple length L and sleeve diameter d that should be noted when ordering. When ordering and naming, the thermocouple with 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel sleeve, single piece type and class II precision need not be noted separately.

              ● thermocouple installation method

              1、 Installation method on curved pipe II, installation method of inclined pipe through axis

              三,垂直管通軸線的安裝方法 四,鍋爐煙道中的密封安裝方法



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