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              Wzp-269 thermal resistance

              Product Name: wzp-269 thermal resistance
              Product No.: 142730-900
              Product model: wzp-269
              Updated on: July 1, 2009
              Manufacturer: thermocouple, thermal resistance, bimetal thermometer, polytetrafluoroethylene, PTFE gasket -- Shanghai Feilong instrument and Electrical Co., Ltd
              Customized: can be customized according to the needs of customers
              Product details

              Single platinum thermistor, wzp-269

              Thermal resistance thermometer is a temperature sensing element made of conductor or semiconductor material. Its resistance value is a function of temperature. It can measure the temperature of - 200 ~ 500 ℃ when used with the display instrument set. It has the characteristics of high precision and good stability. The heating part of the thermal resistance (temperature sensing element) is evenly wound on the insulating framework with the required metal filaments. When there is a temperature step in the measured medium, the measured temperature is the average temperature of the measured medium. Thermocouple thermometer is a temperature sensing element composed of two conductors with different components. It is usually used together with display, recording and regulating instruments to measure the temperature of - 200 ~ 1800 ℃ in the production process. When it is used together with the display instrument, the compensation wire shall be connected.

              Wzp269 single platinum thermistor, wzp269 details:
              1) , wzc-200, wzc-201 parameters

              Thread M27X2

              Model Graduation Installation form Protective tube material measuring range D S d
              WZC-200 Cu50 Pipe thread G1 / 2 1Cr18NiTi -50~100℃ 34 27 12
              WZC-201 Cu50
              1Cr18Ni9Ti -50~100℃ 40 32 12

              2) , wzp-200, wzp-201 parameters


              Model Graduation Installation form Protective tube material measuring range D S d
              WZP-200 Pt100 Pipe thread G1 / 2 1Cr18NiTi -50~100℃ 34 27 12
              WZP-201 Pt100 Thread M27X2 1Cr18Ni9Ti -50~100℃ 40 32 12
              3)、Sensor length specification series size and code 

              Code name   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 F
              L1 (deep insertion) mm 100 150 200 250 260 300 340 360 400 450Other
              L2 (total length) mm 550 600 650 700 710 750 790 810 850 900

              1. The national standard wzc-200 includes G1 / 2 and m27x2 threads. Our factory has G1 / 2 pipe thread for the convenience of type selection. Wzc-200, m27x2 is wzc-201.
              2. If not, please indicate the required size.
              3. A is the single end, B and C are connected in parallel.
              4. For example, wzc-200-2: cu50 sensor, thread G1 / 2, insertion depth of 150 mm, total length of 550 mm. 12mm diameter.
              5. For example, wzp-01-3: refers to PT100 sensor, with M27 × 2 thread, 200mm insertion depth and 550mm total length. 12mm diameter.
              H1, WZP / wzc260, 267, 269, 270, 280 assembled thermal resistance
              Fixed thread type thermistor

              Specifications Thermal response
              Product model Graduation Measuring range ℃ Protective tube material Total length Depth setting Time T0.5S

              Lmm lmm
              Single platinum thermistor WZP-269 PT100(BA1, -200~300
              160 75 <30
              185 100

              235 150

              255 170

              265 180
              Double platinum thermistor WZP2-269

              285 200 <45
              Copper thermal resistance WZC-269 CU50 -50~100
              305 220 <120
              (G)* Stainless steel 335 250
              Single platinum thermistor WZP-260 PT10(BA1, 0~100 1Cr18ni9Ti 355 270 <30

              Double platinum thermistor WZP2-260 PT10(BA1, 0~100


              WZP-270 PT100 -200~420
              95 40 <15
              Single platinum thermistor (BA1)*
              105 50

              130 75

              155 100
              Copper thermal resistance WZC-270 CU50 -50~150
              205 150 <45

              WZP-280 PT100(BA1, -200~300
              175 75 <30

              200 100
              Single platinum thermistor

              250 150

              300 200

              350 250

              WZPM-267 PT100(BA1, -50~150
              75 35 <30
              Surface platinum thermistor BA2)*
              100 60

              150 110

              200-350 160-310
              (1) BA1, Ba2 and G marked with * index number shall be ordered as special specifications, wzp-260 × 110 and wzp-269 × 12 others shall be as follows

              H2, WZP / wzc-220 / 230 series assembled thermal resistance
              Fixed thread type thermistor

              Thermal resistance category Product model Graduation Measuring range Protective tube material diameter Thermal response time


              ?16 ≤90


              ?12 ≤300
              Single platinum thermistor WZP-230

              Stainless steel ?16 ≤90

              WZP-231 Pt100
              1Cr18Ni9Ti ?12 ≤300

              WZP-220A (BA1、 -200~420℃
              ?16 ≤90

              WZP2-220 BA2 )*

              ?16 ≤45


              ?12 ≤90
              Double platinum thermistor WZP2-230

              ?16 ≤45


              ?12 ≤90


              ?16 ≤90


              ?12 ≤120
              Copper thermal resistance WZC-230 Cu50

              ?12 ≤120

              WZC-220A (G)*

              ?12 ≤120

              Note: "*" BA1, Ba2, G are special orders; 220, 221 are splash proof, 230, 231 are waterproof; nominal pressure: 10MPa
              Comparison table of model and specification of fixed thread
              Length specification of thermal resistance

              Product model Fixed thread Product model Fixed thread
              Chief L Deep insertion I Chief L Deep insertion I
              WZP-220 M27×2 WZP2-230 M27×2 300mm 150mm 600mm 550mm
              WZP-221 M27×2 WZP2-231 M27×2 350mm 200mm 900mm 750mm
              WZP-230 M27×2 WZP2-220A G3/4 400mm 250mm 1150mm 1000mm
              WZP-231 M27×2 WZC-220 M27×2 450mm 300mm 1400mm 1250mm
              WZP-220A G3/4 WZC-230 M27×2 500mm 350mm 1600mm 1450mm
              WZP2-220 M27×2 WZC-220A G3/4 550mm 400mm 2150mm 2000mm
              WZP2-221 M27×2

              H3, wzcb, wzpb thermal resistance, thermocouple integrated temperature transmitter
              Wzcb, wzpb series temperature transmitter is a new type of temperature measuring instrument with super small size, excellent performance and high precision. The utility model has the advantages of small volume, light weight and convenient use and installation. It can be directly installed in the junction box of general industrial thermal resistance and form an integrated structure with field sensing elements. The distortion and interference of signal transmission are reduced, and the high precision measurement results are obtained. Especially suitable for multi-channel data acquisition, measurement and control. It is used together with tds-3000 series intelligent digital temperature controller, tds-0800-9600 patrol inspection instrument and TDS-2000 computer distributed monitoring system, forming a multi-channel temperature cycle detection system in the control room.
              Application: water power, thermal power plant generating unit bearing temperature and other temperature transmission.

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