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              Shanghai Feilong Instrument Electric Co., Ltd
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              WRNK-291 sheathed thermocouple

              Product Name: WRNK-291 Armoured Thermocouple
              Product No.: 13495-913
              Product Model: WRNK-291
              Updated: 2009.06.29
              Production unit: Thermocoule Thermoresistor, bimetallic thermometer, polytetrafluoroethylene, tetrafluorinated gasket-Shanghai Feilong Instrument Device Co., Ltd..
              Customization: can be customized according to the needs of customers   

              Product Details

              Armoured thermocouple WRNK-291
              1, apply the temperature measurement and control that applies to narrow and need bending place. It is an indispensable temperature measurement device for chemical fiber and pharmaceutical industries.
              2. For technical parameter accuracy level: I or II nominal diameter: <S> 1 curved diameter: R ≥ 5D nominal pressure: normal pressure

              3. Model and Specification 

              WRNK-231 WRNK2-231 WRNK—431 WRNK2—431 WRNK-261 WRNK2-261 WREK-261 WREK2-261 WRNK—461 WRNK2—461 WREK—461 WREK2—461 WRNK-271 WRNK-291 WRNK-191   WRBK-192 WRNK—471 WRNK2—471 WREK—471 WREK2—471 WRNK-291 WRNK2-291 WREK-291 WREK2-291 WRNK—431 WRNK2—491 WREK—491 WREK2—491

                Graduation Mark K,E,J,T,S Measuring range 0~1000℃ Accuracy Ⅰ級,Ⅱ級 Measurement end form  single double single double probe diameter¢ 3,4,5,6,8 

              connection Holder thread M12*1.5 M16*1.5 length of insert of sleeve flange 100,150,200,300 400,500,750,1000

              protection tube material 1Cr18Ni9Ti 0Cr25Ni20

              Junction box material cast aluminum alloy stainless steel polycarbonate polycarbonate protection grade IP65 IP54 IP54 IP54

               Electrical export M20 * 1.5 1/2 "NPT
              Additional option with integrated temperature transmitter remarks
              1) Type B with integrated temperature transmitter, example WRNK-230, with measurement range specified when ordering;
              2) The length of the armored thermocouple is longer than 25 meters.

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