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              Shanghai Feilong Instrument Electric Co., Ltd
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              Wzpt-01 assembled thermal resistance

              Product Name: wzpt-01 assembled thermal resistance
              Product No.: 144853-228
              Product model: wzpt-01
              Updated on: July 1, 2009
              Manufacturer: thermocouple, thermal resistance, bimetal thermometer, polytetrafluoroethylene, PTFE gasket -- Shanghai Feilong instrument and Electrical Co., Ltd
              Customized: can be customized according to the needs of customers
              Product details

              Company name: Shanghai Feilong Instrument Electrical Co., Ltd
              Class I: Instruments
              Class II: electrical instruments
              Class III: electrical instruments
              Class IV: electrical instruments
              Product Name: assembly of thermal resistance wzpt
              Product features: wzpt industrial assembled thermocouple is used as a transmitter to measure temperature. It is usually used with display instrument, recording instrument and electronic regulator. It can directly measure the surface temperature of liquid, steam and gas medium and solid in various production processes from 0-1800 ℃. ·Assemble thermal resistance 1. The application is usually used with display instrument, recording instrument, electronic calculation, etc. Directly measure the surface temperature of liquid, steam and gas medium and solid in the range of - 200 ° C ~ 500 ° C in various production processes. 2. Features: spring loaded temperature sensing element, good anti vibration performance; · no need to compensate the conductor, cost saving; · high temperature measurement accuracy; · high mechanical strength, good withstand voltage performance; · imported thin film resistance element, reliable and stable performance. 3. Working principle: the thermal resistance measures the temperature with the characteristics that the resistance changes when the temperature changes. When the resistance value changes, the working instrument will display the temperature value corresponding to the resistance value. 4. The main technical parameters of the product are in accordance with iec751 JB / t18622-1997 JB / t8623-19975. The thermal resistance of the insulation resistance at room temperature is 15-35 ° C, the relative humidity is not more than 80%, and the insulation resistance between the electrode and the outer sleeve with the test voltage of 10-100v (DC) is more than 100m Ω. 6. Measurement range and tolerance model scale temperature measurement range accuracy grade allowable error wzppt100-200 - + 500 a ± (0.15 + 0.002) B ± (0.30 + 0.005) wzccu50cu100-50 - + 100 - --- ± (0.30 + 0.005) 7. Model naming method

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