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            1. Shanghai Feilong Instrument Electric Co., Ltd
              Xie Manager:13671774687 China EngLish
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              ——   PRODUCTS   ——
              Temperature senor
              Bimetallic thermometer selection
              Temperature control instrument selection
              Electrothermal tube selection
              Wire and cable selection
              To undertake temperature automation project
              Temperature transmitter
              Wireless Temperature Measurement Series
              Pressure transmitter
              Thermocouple series
              K type thermocouplePlatinum rhodium thermcouple
              Armoured thermocoupleExplosion-proof thermocouple
              Thermal Resistance Series

              Consultation hotline
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              24-hour consultation hotline:
              HOME ABOUT Product Honor Technology New Download MESSAGE CONTACT
              General manager:Xie Manager   Mobile:13671774687  ADD:268 Qufu West Road, Shanghai    TEL:021-63811027      FAX:021-63801621      EMAIL:jimmy011@126.com
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